Feb 25, 2012

Bear in Mind, Owl Always Love You!

As an accurate Latvian family, we love to present souvenirs. And we also know that the best presents are made from the heart and by own hands.

The best representative. Gray as Latvian rock. Fat as Latvian meal. Simple as Latvian people and rustic as Latvian fields. Above all, patriotic. Meet the Bear. Handmade. Yet alone.

Another valuable present is the taste of Latvia. Since sprats and bacon will not tolerate 40 C, we packed Latvian peppermint tea.

Handmade Owl family is going as well. Probably another dozen of owl children will join later. 

Bear and big cranberries

In the traveling mood

Saying goodbye to girlfriend

Already riding an elephant

Ready to surf Indian Ocean

Feb 23, 2012

Your Toys Can Go to India

They are very special to us. However, somebody may need them more. We gathered all our small friends and announced they are going to India.

If you also have small (not bigger then a credit card) toys which can serve somebody better, say they are on a mission and bring them to us.

P.S. Some working pens will be also appreciated.

Where to bring: Please, contact us on Facebook and we can agree on place and time.

Deadline - March 4

Feb 22, 2012

The Needle, the Blood and Nearly Unconscious Body

For the last few days we've became chicken-hearted. Our friends and the almighty Internet were frightening us on different possibilities to “catch” some deadly illness in India. At some point we were pretty confident about our health, but Inception was made and the seed of doubt started to grow.

We were not amused by the possibility of getting bleeding intestine, fever around 40 °C, coma and lethal case if contaminated by Typhoid or yellow skin and damaged liver in case of Hepatitis A.

What was the stupidest thing, you could not actually avoid these deseases by yourself. Both are mainly caused by food or water contaminated by feces. One would wonder “How???” Three main versions are possible:

a) chef didn't wash his hands properly and microscopic part of his shit is now in your stomach
b) a farmer was fertilizing his tomato by shitting in the soil and now you are eating it raw
c) sneaky flies sat down on your rice after having fun in someone's shit

Following popular Russian idiom "Better safe than sorry" (береженого Бог бережет), we gave up and took vaccination. Vaccine on Hepatitis A in the left shoulder and Vaccine on Typhoid in the right. At the end of the day we will have a wagon of other things to worry about (Malaria, for example :)).

Totally forgot to tell you about nearly unconscious body. Val was it. Good that he didn't choose to become a doctor :) otherwise every time he would see somebody vaccinated he would run out of room or just fall down.

Total costs: $140

Feb 18, 2012

Mango Chutney, Preparing Stomachs for India

Mango Chutney tastes like mango jam with chili - sweet and spicy. Can be served with rice and vegetables. Ingredients: mango, pepper, apple, ginger, chili, curry paste.

Getting Ready for India, 15 Days Left

It's 15 days before the departure - we fly to India on March 5. Visas are ready (whole process including shipping to Sweden and back took less than a week), and backpacks can start to fill up. Luckily there's no need to bring winter clothing. Local style gear shouldn't cost much upon arrival either, besides it could reduce excessive attention in rural areas. Detailed content of the backpacks will follow.

Feb 16, 2012

How To Use a Toilet in India

Indians don't use toilet paper. Aside from contemporary homes and expensive hotels, most of the toilets in India are holes-in-the-floor with a can of water and no paper. And if you travel in India, you might find this instructional video by Wilbur Sargunaraj somewhat amusing and very useful at the same time.

You might ask: "Is he just a toilet man, who shows people, how to use eastern latrine on youtube?" The answer is No. He is a Simple Superstar (that's how fans call him according to one of his humble videos), whose mission is to make the common extraordinary. Author runs a youtube channel with music videos and other instructional videos with a total views exceeding 4.8 millions, claiming himself India's first YouTube star (a name given by the India Times), global ambassador for cultural intelligence always standing in solidarity with people from around the world. Enjoy!

Feb 9, 2012

Incredible India, Inspiration

Spotted some time ago on CNN, this commercial broke many of my stereotypes about India and placed the country on the radar for future travels. Enjoy incredible India!

Feb 8, 2012

Setting Up a Travel Blog, India Calling

Setting up a blog turns out to be quite an easy task these days. Thanks to Google and companies alike anyone can do it with no programming or web-development background whatsoever. Don't judge too much, design and layout is still work in progress and we are more than open for a constructive criticism!