Feb 16, 2012

How To Use a Toilet in India

Indians don't use toilet paper. Aside from contemporary homes and expensive hotels, most of the toilets in India are holes-in-the-floor with a can of water and no paper. And if you travel in India, you might find this instructional video by Wilbur Sargunaraj somewhat amusing and very useful at the same time.

You might ask: "Is he just a toilet man, who shows people, how to use eastern latrine on youtube?" The answer is No. He is a Simple Superstar (that's how fans call him according to one of his humble videos), whose mission is to make the common extraordinary. Author runs a youtube channel with music videos and other instructional videos with a total views exceeding 4.8 millions, claiming himself India's first YouTube star (a name given by the India Times), global ambassador for cultural intelligence always standing in solidarity with people from around the world. Enjoy!


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