Feb 22, 2012

The Needle, the Blood and Nearly Unconscious Body

For the last few days we've became chicken-hearted. Our friends and the almighty Internet were frightening us on different possibilities to “catch” some deadly illness in India. At some point we were pretty confident about our health, but Inception was made and the seed of doubt started to grow.

We were not amused by the possibility of getting bleeding intestine, fever around 40 °C, coma and lethal case if contaminated by Typhoid or yellow skin and damaged liver in case of Hepatitis A.

What was the stupidest thing, you could not actually avoid these deseases by yourself. Both are mainly caused by food or water contaminated by feces. One would wonder “How???” Three main versions are possible:

a) chef didn't wash his hands properly and microscopic part of his shit is now in your stomach
b) a farmer was fertilizing his tomato by shitting in the soil and now you are eating it raw
c) sneaky flies sat down on your rice after having fun in someone's shit

Following popular Russian idiom "Better safe than sorry" (береженого Бог бережет), we gave up and took vaccination. Vaccine on Hepatitis A in the left shoulder and Vaccine on Typhoid in the right. At the end of the day we will have a wagon of other things to worry about (Malaria, for example :)).

Totally forgot to tell you about nearly unconscious body. Val was it. Good that he didn't choose to become a doctor :) otherwise every time he would see somebody vaccinated he would run out of room or just fall down.

Total costs: $140


Hepatitis A vaccination I can recommend if you plan to drink not boiled water or food... ;) it is quite easy... Don't trust ice cubes, don't trust unboiled food.

Thanks Daniel, will keep that in mind :)

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