Mar 12, 2012

At the Greatest Wonder of the World

Chili morning at Mathura railway station on the way to Agra

Supply Chain Management system with just in time delivery

Ordinary scene in Agra and pretty much everywhere else

Beautiful kids

And a very intelligent Mr. Chellapandi protecting one of the greatest wonders of the world

Peaceful morning in Agra

Red or Blue pill?

Agra fort nowadays is overshadowed by Taj Mahal

Security is pretty intense nonetheless

Tired visitors prefer to sit aside for a while

Fighting for the best photo shot

Oh, those tourists

Kids at play

From this point Taj Mahal looks closer through the human eyes than from the platform in front

Eastern Indian lunch: thali, dosa and lassi

After lunch treat (tastes like liquorice)

Kids are always ready for photo

One of the best roof-top views (according to LP) in Agra

It's all about creativity

Making friends at the train station on the way to Jaipur


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