Mar 2, 2012

Bullsurfing, Vegetarian City and the Rest of Itinerary

The trip starts with Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi on March 6. Next day after arrival we plan to take a train to Mathura (close to Agra) and settle down there for 2 days to visit Vrindavan and try to survive colors of Holi. Day after that we take a morning train to world famous Agra and evening train to pink-colored Jaipur.

Sunday morning we fly to Mumbai (night trains were overbooked months in advance) and plan to hang out there for 2 days before morning flight takes us to Kochi in the South of India. From there we plan to travel around in Kerala region, which is notorious for its nature, backwaters and bull-surfing:

Friday, March 30 we fly to Kolkata and after three days take a night-train (finally, this was not overbooked) to Varanasi. From there on no transport is booked anywhere - will rely on India (Country Travel Guide), since we will have a dozen of buffer days, before we arrive to Rishikesh - pilgrim Mecca, which is a vegetarian city by law (check Wikipedia if you don't believe).

Northern town of Dharamsala, home to Dalai Lama and the exciled Tibetan government, is next on the route.

New Delhi is the last destination, where we plan to stay for a few days before departing back home!


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