Mar 19, 2012

Communism meets Christianity in Kochi

Kochi, largest city of Kerala region, is only 1.5 hour away from Mumbai by an airplane. While exploring the South, one of the "must" see is Kathakali (a highly stylized classical Indian dance-drama) 

All the make-up procedure takes approximately 1,5 hours and can be observed by visitors as well

When the make-up is done, we receive some explanations on eye movement, finger alphabet and facial expressions, which showed together form words, sentences and the whole story. But if you do not know the alphabet, just enjoy exaggerated  and funny faces 

A fish

A bee and a flower
The real play of one actor who simultaneously reproduced the role of the prince and the demon. Actually we didn't feel much difference 

Another tourist destination is Fort Kochi. Which is only the name and after walking around Helen still  wondered where is the Fort? Peninsula can be reached by ferry. The price per two tickets is affordable - 5 rupees ($0,10)

Communist meeting room

Road work in progress. Looked like from movies about slaves

Local fish market where freshly bought seafood can be cooked in the nearby restaurant

We chose shrimps in garlic, ginger and lemon sauce

Chinese fishing nets are widely used here

Christian  temples are common in Kerala

New version

Going back to the Ernakulam

Where we were hospitably welcomed by Sangeeth and his family

Another communism evidence

Something  more modern in Ernakulam

Umbrella has been used up until the dusk here

Unexpectedly found local market

The more the better - chili pepper!

Unknown local vegetable

Somebody tell me what is it? Huge gooseberries?

Fruit hunting

Now we know  why vegetarianism is so popular here. The smell of meat at +36 is not the best one


Nicely arranged dried fish

The colors are amazing as well as variety


Not sweets. Pasta


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