Mar 21, 2012

Driving in India and Marari Beach Miracles

Ever heard of driving in India? We decided to give it a try and hired a scooter for $5/day. Driver's licence remains with the renter as the only guarantee, leaving the driver without documents. Getting out of the city was the scariest part, after that we were the fastest 2 wheeler on the highway

After 60 km and 2 hour drive (Kerala's average driving speed is 30 km/h) we reached Kotoor, where we had lunch and met Mintex, outspoken guy from Marari, who invited us to his house and took care of us for the next two days   

Mintex kindly took us to Marari beach, where fishermen were hiding under coconut palms

It was very hot and boats were waiting their turn on the shore

Fish was sunbathing on the sand

First contact with Indian Ocean scares the hell out of Helen

Locals enjoy it too

After some time fishermen went to work

Getting into the boat requires some skills

First sunburns after 2 hour drive (should have seen Helen's red nose and Latvian flag on her forehead)

Bunch of sunset shots is a must

Helen's new photo model (carries it around in the pocket)

Ended up earlier than expected

Kerala is predominantly Christian, but that evening we were lucky enough to participate in Hindu festival

Lots of noise, colors and fireworks

Meanwhile Val was showing off

Kids were begging for photo, pens, food and US dollars - some of the suggestions from their older friends, who new English better and had a good sense of humor. Needless to say none of these kids were starving or lacking basic human needs - check out the male princesses with crowns

Other family members were peacefully enjoying the event

Marari princess

Wild dancers in the epicenter of action


More fire

More drums (some of the wildest drums ever heard)

And a wonderful home-made breakfast from Mintex's mother


I truly envy You! But friendly..not in a bad sense, of course! :D

awesome pictures,,i didn't expect so much......please come back to my home on your way back..//

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