Mar 9, 2012

Hare Krishna from Mathura

We took an auto-rickshaw (for the first time ever) to the train station, which wasn't as scary as expected

Took a train, where many locals smile to you, some say hello, some touch you

Some ask to take a picture

You can order some Chai for 5 rupees (0.10 USD)

In Mathura cows and holy shit (literally) was all over the place

Take care of your belongings, monkeys are watching you (one even roared at Val)

Velo-rickshaw to holy river (or anywhere else) is another option (widely used by the locals) to get around

Locals stare and want to talk much more than in Delhi

And ask to take a photo of them of course (Val has started asking 50 rupees for the service already)

Thali (mix of several dishes) is a good way to start exploration of Indian cuisine (don't forget to use your right arm, left arm is used for a different purpose)


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bilde ar mazo zēnu fantastiska! :)

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