Mar 8, 2012

Holy Shit

Bonjour amigos! Yesterday was probably the craziest day of our lives! It's 3 am in the morning in Mathura and we can't fall asleep anymore! We were riding an auto-rickshaw, a train and velo-rickshaw, drank chai, ate delicious thali, talked to at least 20 strangers and shook hands with 20 more. Helen got kissed on her shoulder once and touched several times by passer-bys during a street promenade with her husband. We saw cows, monkeys, holy river and at least 5 piles of holy shit (sacred statue on a pile of cow poo)!

It all happened yesterday. Today is certainly going to be even crazier, because it's Holi (google it)! And we feel excited!

Pictures will follow soon.

P.S. We apologise if something from the above sounds ignorant or offensive. We do respect local ways and try to comprehend and learn as much as possible.


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