Mar 10, 2012

How We Almost Became Blind

You run or you die. This is how tourist survive Holi festival in India...

You might have already heard what Holi is from our previous post. Early in the morning we got dressed for a peaceful celebration

And just in case took some ammunition in case we had to defend ourselves

In front of our hotel we spotted the dog, who took his load already

One kid gently colored Helen's cheeks with "happy holi" and got treated same way in return (this is how holi is supposed to be)

His grandfather invited us to his yard for a treat (this is how holi is supposed to be)

A handful of youngsters had the same interaction (how it supposed to be)

Got invited to another yard, no snacks, but with dances (still pretty "supposed to be")

Some kids asked for a picture (very "supposed to be")

Cow asked for a picture (not a typical "supposed to be", but it's India, right?!)

Then Helen got surrounded and things started to get little bit fishy

  And then there was a bunch of drunk guys, throwing powder in the face and got way over the limits of intimate zone while taking pictures with Helen

Some looked overexcited and even aggressive

We had to clean our eyes several times, but attacks wouldn't stop this is when we took rickshaw (triple the regular price - could have bought it instead) an ran away

Rest of the scenery and attacks took place from the distance

At the green zone

Could watch attacks from the other side of the fence

Some family portraits

Super safe water and acid resistant camera case (hand-made and not for sale, unless it's 1 million rupees), the only drawback is you don't see, what you are taking pictures of

Insurgents did brake in though

But we managed to reach a ceasefire

This is our new looks for the next couple of days

Surprisingly it all ended at 5 pm. We went out for dinner and it was all unbelievably clean and peaceful as if nothing has ever happened

Visited a couple of temples

Took a boat to see the Aarti (ceremony with fire) from the river side, where Helen was harassed (touched her leg several times until Val threatened to drawn him) by the one-eyed boat man

And finished the day with a glass of fresh squeezed juice and dinner


AAAAAA!!!!!!!!!This photo shoot is totally amazing!!! I do envy You, guys!!!! India seems beautiful, despite its dirtiness! Keep going! ;) Kisses and hugs from sloppy LV! ;) L.A.

The pictures are really great, just got my camera finally back out of repair. What lenses are you using. I can't read out the EXFi data... I am actually also curious if the Vignetting on some of the pictures if form the objective u are using or if you did it after post production.

Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX Lens, some of the effects are the result of post production.

Thanks for the support, we are getting into the local mood gradually :)

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