Mar 28, 2012

How We Almost Froze To Death in Munnar

We were totally unprepared for mountainous Munnar. Temperature would climb up to +35 C during the day and it took some improvisation to get prepared for early morning's +10 C on our quest for one of the best sunrises in India - Munnar. Check out Val's gloves a.k.a. Helen's socks

High five for a granny look

Sit and enjoy next couple of pictures, we risked our lives to make them ;)

Transparent mountain, really?!

Warming up at a local hotel (mysteriously most local eateries have "Hotel" sign), there's rice inside those tubes

Rice pancakes and chai, please

This field could well be the source of your morning tea

Or maybe these hills

If not previous, then 95% chance it's these fields

Tea pickers are predominantly female

Driving here is a lot of fun, especially overtaking

Even on turns like this we could keep our steady 30 km/h

It's hard to keep driving and not look around

Munnar meets guests arriving from Thekkady with a colorful scenery

And a lot of friendliness

These guys are not necessarily gay (common scene in India)

Communist ideology still remains strong in the politics of Kerala

Sunset remains magnificent nonetheless


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