Mar 17, 2012

Inside Dharavi Slums of Mumbai

On our second day in Mumbai we went straight to Dharavi, Asia's biggest slum. Stepping out of the train we were greeted by this beautiful girl
Some more kids were playing nearby

Some kids were doing crafts

Can't miss a welcome sign when crossing the rails, which is like a borderline that surrounds the slum

Dharavi's daily life is somewhat different from what people expect. Forget about Hollywood's "Slumdog Millionaire", it's all about hard work. Many people work for companies in a recycling industry and working conditions can be very demanding

Ever used a PC keyboard? There's a chance it ended up here

These color cans will be cleaned, scratched, straightened and ready for a new life

Wax colored hand-made clothing. Many of them end up in the Middle East

Metal industry looks like hell

Source materials are stored right on the street

Fabric dyeing process

Laborer is having a shower right on the street

Local bakery keeps dough on the floor, before it goes into oven

Hand-made clothes from slums? Forget it! Meet high-tech fully automated sewing factory

Entering residential area of the slum. Streets are much narrower there

In slums kids go to school too and are as excited to see Val and grab his hands as anywhere else

Women prepare bread for their families

Pots for water are also made here

Soviet style architecture for residential purposes

Housing conditions vary depending on income. Rent can be as low as $10 here, making it affordable for people who come to Mumbai from other parts of India

Dharavi turned out to be just another neighborhood, where people go to work and school, have running water, electricity and internet connection


This is truly amazing, how these people manage to live in such horrible circumstances and keep smiling...and we are always whining about our lives. Holy moly... L.A.

Maybe it's the number of sunny days that makes the difference :)

I can't get, why do they "do it dirty", instead of "do it more clean"?! I'm schocked about that dough on the floor.. I.G.G.

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