Mar 13, 2012


We arrived to Jaipur late at night from Agra. As usual, at the next moment when exiting the station we got surrounded by cycle and auto-rickshaw drivers who were insisting that walking to our hotel (which by the way is located 500 meters away) is not possible. Nice try to confuse naive tourists. Not us.
In the morning Jaipur met us with the pink streets crowded by pupils, who were running back and forth making noisy street traffic even more rushy.  

Some monumental buildings in the old city. Val in front, begging for food from a woman

Colorful bazaar with it's textiles. There is everything you need, maybe you just don't know about it yet

This is how women choose saris. Sitting on the wide bad-like couch they are choosing the color, material and bargain the price while enjoying a cup of Indian chai with milk

Hawa Mahal or "Palace of Breeze" is really airy and seems more like a marshmallow pie

Guess who is the real Indian here?

 Secret yard

City view from one of the Palace towers

Helen's new "OM" mantra bag. Sometimes pretty useful especially at crossing the streets

Iswari Minar Swarga Sal Minaret is the highest building in the city

The view from the top. It was really peaceful place visited only by pigeons

"Hey sir, could you please move your table? We can't see the gates." And he did!

 Nice dolls at the restaurant

We have not been far in our Indian cuisine exploration. Thali it is

And spiced milk chai

On our way back home we saw a two tier bus

Mobile sweets shop

Spotted some spotted piggies

And a man, who was very excited to meet us


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