Mar 7, 2012

New Delhi, New Food, New Dress

Almost without sleep we started our Delhi exploration. And the first bargaining took place at the doorsteps of our hotel. Kaku (the taxi driver): "I will drive you around for 5 hours for 500 rupees (10 USD), show you everything and treat you like my best friends". Val: "4 hours for 400 rupees". Deal.

Within the next 4 hours we visited a bunch of temples and at least 6 shops (tourist scams) with fancy carpets, clothes, marble and other overpriced stuff we had no interest in whatsoever. After first 2 shops, where we had to explain salespeople our reasons for not buying things we don't need, we asked Kaku to take us to a place, where locals buy stuff instead. Being our friend, Kaku did just that. At the end of 4 hours Kaku dropped us off at the heart of Old Delhi and warned: "Be aware of pickpockets here!"

Lotus Temple is a place to pray regardless of religion

Seems like a junior football team or maybe just gangsters

Safdarjung's Tomb (Islamic mausoleum)

Snack at the local bazaar

 It's all about family

 Red Fort - one of the most popular tourist destinations (pickpockets on everybody's mind)

Sweet and salty street-food

 Lunch for two for 70 rupees (~ 1 EUR)

 Samosas with potatoes and peas, very spicy and very good

Bicycles are everywhere

One velo-rickshaw can take up to 7 school-kids

In the middle of a busy street

Everybody wants a photo

Helen's new $5 look


I am amazed!!! And overwhelmingly glad for You, guys!!!!! :* :* Kisses from frosty Latvia!

Thanks, it is pretty amazing! We miss you too! Kisses and hugs!!!

I'm happy to see, how you fully enjoy your life, wish you good luck and a lot of new adventures;)Guna M.

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