Mar 14, 2012

One Man Down in Mumbai

Food took it's toll on Val night before early morning flight to Mumbai. Stomach pain and frequent visits to the restroom made him reconsider washing hands and using hand-sanitizer more seriously. Nevertheless, we reached Mumbai as expected, took a nap and took a proper Indian train to Churchgate 

2nd class passengers were rather interested in us

no matter how hard we tried to blend in

Hanging out of the train is the best way to enjoy some fresh air

Even train drivers do that

Helen is no exception (what would her granny say had she seen that)

First class passengers do that

And 2nd class passengers do that

Every train station has it's own eco-system. Shoe service is integral part of it

Kids play nearby

People hurry to work

Tikka Tandoor Paneer at Colaba is too tasty to resist, even with Val's loose stomach

Gateway of India right in front of Taj Mahal Hotel

And Mumbai skyline with Antilia - the most expensive house in the world

A 27 floor personal home houses a billionaire Mukesh Ambani, wife Nita, three children and Abani's mother

 Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (formerly Victoria Terminal)

 Lunch time

Chai time

Post Holi cat

Most parks in Mumbai are sacrificed for one and only cricket

Cane juice is a very popular delight

Mumbai University at night

Queuing to and from the train can take up to 15 minutes

Women have specially designated cars, where even accompanying husbands are not allowed


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