Mar 26, 2012

Tiger Spotting Went Wrong in Thekkady

Early in the morning we left Kottayam and headed straight to a danger zone  

On our way to Thekkadi, Indian national park, the road was winding uphill and "danger zone" signs were all over the place. The views, however, were getting better and better with every turn

Tea plantations and milk form the most popular drink in India

We were lucky enough to find a room at Mickey Homestay, located in a quiet and cosy neighborhood in a rather busy town of Kumily

How many is too many?

And a huge masala dosa

Fancy some freshly fried banana chips?

Wildlife spotting in Thekkady Tiger Reserve. Tigers all over the place

Would you be scared to meet a real wild elephant? Fortunately it can see only 50 meters away

No speeding, no horn, you can scare a unicorn

Tiger spotting continues, the striped one

Really? What do we do with our backpack full of boiled eggs?

One must take a boat to see wild elephants

Somebody got really lucky that day

Multitasking captain

And wildlife fans

Notice anything wrong with this phone?

Meanwhile outside the boat

Real monkey is watching your back, while you are reading this

Fruits for dinner, blending in with the locals

At the end of the day we didn't spot any tigers and invited a couple of guests for a night party instead


I'm in love with elephants and tea plantations. lucky you :)) No wrong with no NOKAI too :DD

More tea plantations will follow in our next post ;)

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