Mar 4, 2012

What's Inside That Backpack?

1. Kindlewith preloaded India (Country Travel Guide)
2. Notebook
3. Kensington lock (for notebook)
4. Lockmaster lock (some guest-houses have no locks)...
5. Garmin Forerunner 405(just a nice wrist-watch)
6. Passports and document copies
7. Headlamp (for night toilets)
8. Optics
9. Tetris (a.k.a. alarm clock)
10. USB wire (to charge Kindle and Tetris from Notebook)
11. Earplugs
12. Loneliness mask
13. Camelback (handy for all sorts of liquids)
14. Portrait Lens
15. LensPEN(cleans up stuff from fingerprints)
16. Joby GP3 Gorillapod
17. DSLR Battery Charger
18. SD memory cards
19. Nikon Wireless Remote Control
20. Nikon Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Lady's Gear:
1. Sandals
2. Thermo jacket and hard-shell for North India
3. Underwear and swimming suit
4. Blouse, few tops, a pair of trousers and a dress
5. Tissues (for Western style toilet)
6. Sunglasses
7. Glasses
8. Rope (for laundry primarily, but can be used for hunting)
9. Toys for kids
10. Latvian souvenirs (read our story about it)
11. Business cards
12. Pens for kids
13. Mosquito repellent
14. Sunscreen
15. Medicine
16. Higiene and cosmetics

Man's gear:
1. T-shirt
2. Pants (for Holi festival - Indian analogue to Sensation White)
3. Shoes
4. Shoes
5. Hard-shell (if it gets rainy)
6. Underwear
7. Thermojacket
8. Salt deodorant

Total weight of two backpacks - 10kg (22 lbs)


If that's all you're taking you two are travelling REALLY light

Yes, comparing to others with tents and sleeping bags :) We are going to buy some local clothes thou, to blend in.

Ārprāts, kā gan cilvēki agrāk spēja ceļot bez tiem elektronikas gadžetiem :-) bet dāmai ar vieniem apaviem nebūs par maz?

Bez gadžetiem būtu jāstiepj līdzi 1000 lpp. ceļvedi, piemēram. Dāma nopirks iešļūcenes vietējā tirgū un ar diviem apavu pāriem vajadzētu pietikt. Ziemeļos varbūt tiks pirktas ķedas :)

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