Apr 16, 2012

Blue Lassi in Varanasi

Never thought we will find the best lassi (Indian sweet yogurt) in Varanasi 

As soon as we found out about Blue Lassi shop, we were visiting it every day to enjoy the best lassi ever tasted in India. It has been made here for third generation and it is hard not to overeat. Served in clay cups and decorated with fruits it tastes especially refreshing

Mainly grandson of the founder is prepearing lassi all day long

Service and waiters are perfect, sometimes guests even get extra bananas and another time extra portion of lassi for free

The place is always full of foreigners and locals

And they even have wi-fi

Since Varanasi is one of the piligrim destinations, beggars are also there

And some advanced beggers (Helen calls them clowns) who are dressed up like sadhu (saint people in India) but are asking money for pictures of them

Every day in Varanasi starts with morning rituals on Ganga river. People are bathing in the holy river


making toothbrush

or just chilling.

Having blessed is another morning must do

Washing clothes (which is mainly male prerogative)

And drying takes another few. Interestingly enough, sometimes drying is done on the ground.

Somebody is just transporting a brand new TV for morning soap opera

Unchangable tradition on Ganga in Varanasi is tourist boat rides to greet the morning sun

Even Buddhist monks do that

And without doubt you can do some shopping while sitting in your boat

When the sun is up in the sky streets get busy and action starts

People are friendly

And everything feels fine until you step into deep sh*t

But when you try some local sweets, life is good again

And Mata Ganga welcomes you

And cows are greeting you

Even walls say "Namaste"

And at some point, you think bindi (red dot simbolozing 3rd eye) is for free, but it's not, 5 rsp.

Neverhteless, Varanasi is amazing. All small labitinth streets and ancient buildings

hidden temples

and hiden cows


creative people

and us, in the middle of it all


Amazing, amazing, amazing!!! Ganga seems much more clean in Varanasi than in Your previous pictures. Happy for You! L.A.

Valery, have you got a new style trousers along with your 3rd eye? :)) anyway, pics are great! greetings and hugs from motherland!! I.G.G.

Now new trousers, sorry! Good old dhoti :)

Hey Val....Good going...Nic pics...pls do cal me...Mintex

Wow!!! Loved your brilliant pictures! It looks like you absolutely enjoying your time in India! I remember my trip to India couple years ago. I couldn`t explain the feelings! I was over flooded with positive emotions! I loved it! Have a fabulous time! ;-)))

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