Apr 9, 2012

Escape from God's Own Country

Indians usually say "Thank you, come again!", when their customers or guests leave. Sincere smile, however, is probably the best sign of nation's hospitality

Kerala meal (for lunch) includes rice and several curries, that are refilled by a waiter each time they are empty. This particular item is priced at 35 rupees + 20 rupees for a fish (~1 USD total)

Coconut is probably the best combination of refreshing and sweet

Many Indian men (and women) chew tobacco (and spit it afterwards). A 3 rupees (0.06 USD) pack is a good substitute for a bottle of beer for many locals

Hindus often give God names to their kids. Luckily there are several tens of thousands of different names to choose from

Only chosen Westerners are invited to rhyme mantras with a priest

And only returning customers get an executive room upgrade at Oasis Odayam

Last glimpses of sunset near the Ocean

A record setting and one of the tastiest 2 meals for less than 1 USD total (Masala Dosa on the left and Kerala meal on the right) on our way from Varkala to Kochi

On our 4 hour journey from Varkala to Alleppey and then to Kochi we got into a proper rain. Luckily, due to rainy conditions scooter electrics wouldn't allow us to accelerate above 50 km/h, which certainly helped us to avoid crashing into a dog, falling coconuts and several buses

We've got to see Christ (boy's name) again when stayed over at Mintex's house

And yet another adorable baby owl

At the end of the day "God's Own Country" slogan is not too far away from Kerala's real essence  


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