Apr 6, 2012

Failed Surfing in Kovalam

The road from Varkala to Kanyakumari took too long and we ended up in Kovalam instead, which gave Val a chance to work on his lousy surfing skills

We checked in our room with a sea-view first thing in the morning

 Meet our new record holder for 10 USD per night

Lighthouse beach was located right around the corner

After lunch we took a huge coconut

And went up top to the lighthouse

Climbing upstairs is not for a chickenhearted

You get nice views as a reward in return

Evening session with surfing pro followed

Fighting waves and adjusting to a new board took some time

But this is the best our surfing champ got that day in a two hour session

Most of the time he was performing this

Peaceful evening and yet another wonderful sunset gathered locals on the sea coast

 Next time we come to Kovalam, we are booking these huts to ease a night heat


Hi friend, I am from Kerala. I am planning to net work with surfers who visit Kovalam ,to sort out their problem on surfing in Kovalam.. And if I get proper feed back from them I can register a legal surfing club to avoid future official trouble when they come for surfing. I can be contacted to my email vijayachandran3@gmail.com

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