Apr 2, 2012

Golden Fish on The Black Beach of Varkala

Every morning experienced sea dogs are braking the waves to feed the town of Varkala 

But sometimes local power is not enough and western muscles are required, which doesn't come cheap - one Golden fish per hour

Somebody has to fight the waves

Pulling the net back to the shore takes approximately one hour and 20 to 30 men

Black sand covers most beaches in Varkala (yellowish at a first glance, it's all black under)

Golden fish, as promised

At the end of the day 4 hour work of 20 men results in 3 piles of fish (like one below), which are sold right away to re-sellers for around 10 USD each pile

Looking for accommodation in dangerous Varkala labyrinths 

Oasis Beach Resort sea view room is a perfect place to chill out and see the days go by

The Odayam Beach is all quiet and rarely visited by tourists or local families

Cliff Beach on the other hand is tourist paradise. Wide sandy beach and incredible views. What else would they need?

Should we change our banner?

The cliff is packed with cafes, shops and local traveling agencies

Do not worry about smashed glass. Cleaners come every day

Ever wondered, what a fallen coconut can do to your car?

Local market is a nice place to by fresh fish

And eggs of different sizes

Spiderman also lives there

Sweet treats will follow wherever you go

Varkala main beach is a good place for meditation

Local families, couples and friends show up in the evening to enjoy the sunset

And it doesn't matter which religion you follow. Sunset is there for all

Another group of meditaitors

If you need a leg scrub for softer skin, have some volleyball play with locals

Yet another family portrait (noticed a man covered in sand?)

If you go for a fish in India, Kerala will bring it on your table

Can't stop making those sunset shots


Feels like turning pages of the National Geographic... amazing shots!! :)))) Greets from the covered with snow, dull Latvia! :)) L.A.

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