Apr 4, 2012

Lord Shiva Appeared to Us in Varkala

We already new that Hindu Temple Festivals can be wild. But this one turned out to be beyond all our wildest expectations - prepare to meet Lord Shiva and his pals

Heavy artillery started to arrive early in the morning

Meanwhile women engaged in a mass preparation of a holy porridge called "punkana" or sth. like that


Snack for sale on a temple territory

And explosives on a temple territory too

 Kids are dressed for the event

1000 watt bulb will be illuminating the main stage

Evening part gradually kicks in with a Kathakali looking female performer

Followed by male singers and narrators

Finishing touches in stage decoration take place simultaneously with a live performance

Val kept on blending with local kids

Local men

And local tea gourmands

Interestingly enough fathers carry babies most of times when in public with a spouse

Bigger kids were getting ready for a main procession

And wouldn't deny a picture to friendly foreigners

Let the party begin

Dancing trees showed up suddenly and kept dancing and spinning for a while

 Religious characters followed

Huge animated installations would be driven into the temple territory accompanied by music representing religious motives


Followed by three elephants and massive fireworks

Shortly afterwards police bus and men in uniforms showed up to keep the order of informal part of the festival, which was the time when families with kids and us were heading home


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