Apr 30, 2012

Searching for God in Haridwar

Crowds of pilgrims and Indian tourists gather on the banks of Ganges in the holy city of Haridwar to perform water procedures in ice-cold water all day long 

Ganga is clean but freezing there, which is not an obstacle for washing off the sins

Haridwar is the place, where every second man coming on your way is the holy man a.k.a Sadhu Baba. Do not count those who wear orange but ask for money. The real ones have only metal boxes for food donations


Some of them are pretty stylish

When the Sun is dropping over the hills, we are moving with the crowd towards Ganga for the evening rituals. Crossing the bridge is always interesting

And the view is yours

Matching colors

Meanwhile on the streets of Haridwar


Popular public transport in the area - "Vikram", made from rubber and can take unlimited number of passengers

Weed is growing everywhere

Passing Temples of Haridwar for the first time, we thought it is an amusement park

And here comes huge Shiva

Few minutes walk away from the crowd shows calm and harmonious sights

People, who wanted to cross Ganga on their foot

and almost did it, since it is very shallow in that particular place

Private Aarti (fire) ceremony

In Haridwar it is difficult to miss the God. He is in Temple, on the streets and in the eyes of the devotees. He takes different forms, but his presence is obvious in the Holy city of Haridwar


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