May 20, 2012

Nordea Riga Marathon in Pictures, 2012

There are few more posts left from India (stay tuned), but we wanted to share some of the best bits from Nordea Riga Marathon 2012, that gathered more than 18 000 participants

Cheer leaders produced a very motivating drum beat

Tilahun Aliyev (Azerbaijan) heading for the 5th place

Iraida Aleksandrova (Russia) running for gold

Mirriam Wangar (Kenya) running for silver

Jane Sutto (Uganda) is being escorted by Helen for Bronze

DaGamba entertains runners and spectators

Some other marathon runners

Leading vehicle had a clock on the roof this year

Kaspars Briška (Latvia) is heading for gold in 5 km distance

Dmitrijs Serjogins (Latvia) is running for the 2nd place

Konstantīns Kožanovs - 3rd place

Zane Lagzbertmane heading for the gold medal in 5km distance

There were men in black

And Chuck Norris did show up unexpectedly

300 spartans were also here







Regular people

Corporate runners

Parents with kids

And more parents with kids



Nice pictures! I was there. :)

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