May 22, 2012

Paragliding from Billing to Bir

We rented another bike in McLeod Ganj, arranged pilots through Pink House and early in the morning stared our way to Bir, place where you can fly over the clouds

The road went through several small villages and cities and it took around 3 hours to reach Bir

Most of the time the views were just stunning, but we could not even stop, since we had an appointment and were in a hurry

We reached Bir village on time, left our bike and jumped into a safari jeep, which took us to Billing,  2400m above the see level

It was windy and cold up there and Helen started to consider possibilities of skipping the flight

We were not alone there. Every 5 minutes somebody would take off

Helen was watching all the process with faithlessness and amazement

However, our pilots were not in a hurry. Without explaining anything, they just left their stuff and and went on sitting for some 20 minutes

We were becoming nervous. Helen thought, "Probably, not today"

Others just continued to take off

And then, pilot came by and announced, "The time has come. Now the wind is right for us". And Helen is like "Really? How do you know?"

 Enjoy the moment of the quietest Helen ever. She probably wishes she's wearing a diaper

Helen's pilot is checking wind conditions for the last time

 Parachute almost ready. Helen: "Please, don't mix up those strings"

Pilot attaching Helen with her "chair"


Val's first take off attempt failed, they fell on the ground on the edge of the mountain. The second one was luckier

Bir village from a bird's eye. Not many birds can fly as high

Val's pilot

Big, red building is Tibetan monastery

Val is landing. Photos by unknown local and very expensive photographer

Helen was lucky to take off before and lend after Val

It was a very soft lending for her unlike Val, who got a few scratches

The flight was amazing. Gorgeous  views and inexperienced feelings were overwhelming the rest of the day 

Tibetan noodle soup for lunch at the nearby cafe

On the way back

We found a market

We might have been the only foreigners on that market ever, everybody was excited to see us

We were about to leave, when this man came by, took Val's hand and begged us to take a picture of him and his colleagues


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