May 28, 2012

Tibetan Children's Village in McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala

Another mini trip in McLeod Ganj took us to the Tibetan Children's Village near Dal lake. Just before the gates we learned that it is forbidden to enter without permit. However, we were lucky enough to meet probably the youngest representatives of Children's Village on the weekend picnic near the lake

At first, they all were shy and ignored us, so we assumed, they are used to foreigners

All the crazy stuff started with this sunny girl who run to us suddenly and gave a warm hug to Helen

Then they became more and more relaxed, running around and trying to involve us into their daily games

Friendship is...when you feel happy without knowing Tibetan

Tic-Tac demonstration

Sikh family came across and asked for a photo

Teacher is  sharing some treats

Girls try to impress Helen

It seems that cricket is being played from the first steps literally

And finally toys from Riga found their new home, we gave them to the teacher, who took care of a fight-less distribution

Later in the evening we visited local performance of Himalaya band. Tabla's drummer was perfect

Another drummer and his friend

Singer and the rest of the band were amazing


is it in India? thanks for the post.if it is in India then i must say these young people are doing very well to lead the country towards prosperity.children education games.

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