May 14, 2012

Trespassing Military Zone Near Pakistan Border

After calm life in Ashram, we were hungry for real and adventurous India and we got it on our way to Dharamsala just off the train in Pathankot's "retiring room" at 2 AM

At the first glimpse this 3$ room looked very reasonable

But few details made it a nightmare to fall asleep. We wouldn't pay so much attention to bad condition of furniture and walls

if only our bed linen was  CLEAN! Having no other options at night, we covered beds with blankets, our scarfs, Val's dotti and prepared ourselves for a good night sleep. Funny enough at some point scratchy feeling made us both think bed bugs are attacking. Moreover, rattlesnake seemed to be somewhere nearby Helen. Luckily for Helen it was only a strange sound of the fan, which Val bravely revealed

Morning came unexpectedly fast, but we were happy to move out of the retiring room 8 without a single bite. We moved to bus station to take a 4 hours bus ride to Dharamsala

Very unusual tuk-tuks are rolling down the streets of Pathankot

People are busy

Some are pink

And we are having freshly made Northern naan for breakfast

Straight from tandoori

When the bus started to move through the city, we realized, we are in a serious military zone. The border with Pakistan was only 20 km away

Tanks, military wehicles and other equipment was all over the place

Along with onion tracks

And people in turbans

At some point lady came into the bus and gave us a begging card

This truck seems to come straight from the kindergarten

4 hours bus ride, however, is much more civilized - even ticket inspector showed up for a check halfway to Dharamsala

Food is being delivered "just-in-time"

The road pleased us with nice views and it felt like we are approaching mountains

Then crows attacked our bus and it felt like a Hitchcock movie

And we found out that Apple has more products then we thought

We also discovered a beauty salon

And Cola ads almost on every store in Dharamasala. But this is completely new story, since McLeod Ganj welcomed us with snowy peaks and many more adventures


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