May 24, 2012

Triund Trek from McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala

Next morning after the paragliding expedition we decided to go on one day trekking trip, since we were told we could see snowy peaks and amazing views from there

On our way. Every morning on the streets of McLeod Ganj (17000 metres) you can see Tibetan children being brought to school

Some are lucky enough not to walk by themselves

We went by bike from McLeod Ganj through Dharamkot village (2100 metres) till Galu Devi Temple (2130 metres), where we had to park our bike and continue on foot

Getting higher one can enjoy view of McLeod Ganj

Trekker died in Mumbai bombings 2009

The trek. Somewhere on the way we where told by local guide (guiding 2 ladies in 2 days trek) that some people have died on this trek as well

Donkeys carry supplies to Triund hill

Halfway to the top one can enjoy tea and snacks at "Magic View", oldest chai shop on the route

Resting with our guide. At some point this dog just started following us and continued up to the top. Some trekkers we met had even five dogs. They just show you the way and then ask for money

You better watch your steps on this trek

Ladybird invasion

And then we found the snow river, crossed it carefully, made another few hundred meters up and

reached Triund (2975 metres) hill in 3 hours

Small tents with blue roofs are cafes

 Maggi noddle soup with vegetables

was not in the crows menu for that day. They preferred Lay's

unlike Val, who was pretty hungry after so much mountain air

 and sleepy, as well as his guide

Somebody left his socks

We were waiting until the skies would clear up to see snowy mountains

and waited

waited some more

We waited for 4 hours in total and still it was cloudy. The sun started to set and we still had to descend

On our way down we met a lot of food carriers

and a bunch of little girls bravely going the trek. Way back was much more quick and we reached starting point after hour and a half

Fried potato momos at the end of the hard day


Beautiful pics with good description. Lovely and like it much :)

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