May 7, 2012

Uncovering Tibetan Colony and Crashing the Bike in Mussoorie

On our way to Mussoorie hill station we found Clement Town with Tibetan colony

Val couldn't resist mantra wheels

Lonely Planet says it's the biggest Stupa in the World

Amazingly huge Buddha statue can also be found in Clement Town

Buddhist flags look mysterious, especially at windy weather

After eating a lot of Indian food we were happy to find something less spicy - Tibetan cuisine

The bowl of oat porridge was very generous

Road to Mussoorie seemed rather demanding at first

Stunning views made us stop for a dozen of pit stops

Luckily we made it to Mussoorie a few weeks before tourist season. Usually this room costs $60, but since hotel was almost empty we got it for $12. One can see Himalayan peaks from a hotel window early in the morning 

Omelette Centre is hugely poplar among Mussoorieans and tourists and claims to have several thousands Facbook friends

Near Mussoorie there is one remarkable house, where G. Everest lived. To get there you need to do a small track through the forest full of monkeys

House is abandoned and spooky. You could only imagine how Everest was sitting near the fire and drawing the map of India...

Place of Buddhist worship nearby

Between power cuts there is nothing to do in the hotel but to play ping pong

And reassemble laptop in search of quicksilver

Last glimpses of Mussoorie Just before going back to Rishikesh

And a shot of a fateful mountain road, which made us crash from our bike later on in a pursuit of a winding scenery

 Luckily we had no serious injuries, just a couple of scratches


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