May 17, 2012

Visiting His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama in McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala

Small town of McLeod Ganj near Dharamsala is known as little Tibet or Dhasa (Dharamsala + Lhasa), because of mountains, food and people. Also, because Tibetan religious leader Dalai Lama have chosen it for his place of residence

We had a perfect view from our Pink House room all the time

And from the terrace

Morning and evening scenery was especially good with white snowy peaks

In fact it's very hard not to have a stunning view in McLeod Ganj

Unfortunately His Holiness was in California that day and couldn't meet us at his residency

While McLeod Ganj is much cleaner then an average Indian city, cows are here as well

Small, cozy streets with handicrafts and souvenir shops, which are hard to resist

Tibetan prayer wheels are very handy, you just spin them all and the pray is done

Tibetan museum is worth visiting, especially if you catch film screening. We saw one about Panchen Lama, who is supposed to be second religious leader of Tibetan people, but is kept away by Chinese

The monument for victims of China - Tibetan war

Little Tibetan book reader

Mantras (usually OM MANI PADME HUM) from the times, when paper was not commonly available

Every evening you can spot monks passionately and with theatrical gestures debating about politics, religion etc.

And when the sun goes down, it's time to move and eat something warm, like momos for example

Boycott made in China slogan is hard to fulfill even in McLeod Ganj

Meet traditional Tibetan dish - Momo. These dumplings are usually stuffed with potatoes, cheese, vegetables, but you also can find them with meat and even chocolate

Potato Momos in soup were the best

Another thing you will not be able to skip in McLeod is knitwear - hats, socks, blazers, even in summer time

And, yes, Tibetan monks are human beings too, so they play video games, have IPhones and chit chat at the bakeries in the afternoon


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