May 31, 2012

Waterfall trek, McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala

On our way to waterfall Helen made her picture of the year - happy grandma laughing so sincerely 

Street fried momos

Poster with hunger strikers "After 30 days of fast UN promised to send officials to Tibet"

Lemon yellow turban 

Not far away from the waterfall there's a pool that is filled with a running mountain water 

Down the river monks are washing their clothes and bathing

After hot and steep trek freezing waterfall is a good treat


Punjabi guys. Can't figure out what to do next

Let's make some fun

 Back to the streets of McLeod

When the man showed old woman they are being photographed, she suddenly thanked us

Women dressed in a traditional Tibetan dresses walk from evening service at a temple

Not sure if this hat is a must for every street cook involved in momo business

School yard

Honey seller was trying to get an attention by loudly saying "Honey, honey, honey". One western woman freaked out. "I could be his mother", she said rather upset. Val had to interrupt her: "Oh, no, he IS actually selling honey". Woman became confused first and the sorry for jumping into conclusions too quickly :)

This boy came by the window of our cafe and asked us to buy him some milk. Since we already heard about the scam when foreigners buy milk at an inflated price and children return it back for money, we offered him to join us at the table for lunch. It probably was not the brightest idea. First, he asked us to read the whole menu, then he asked for the dish, which was the most expensive. We ended buying him something cheaper. However, the lunch was fun, since his spoken English was very good as well as his actor skills and his trekking boots. Handsome little cheater. When we went away, he was like "Look, now I will have another lunch with them", pointing to another foreign couple  

Event in the name of Panchen Lama (the second most important Lama after Dalai Lama), who according to Tibetans was kidnapped and being hold by Chinese

Rosary for mantras

Notice that yellow head-band with "Panchen Lama!"

One of the few political slogans in town

 Momos with Nutella - yummy! 

And rather interesting point of view on the organization that doesn't exist

At the cafe "Oasis" you can stick a coffee bean to the place you came from

They had very chilling atmosphere and perfect origami birds


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