Jun 4, 2012

Party Life in Delhi

Night train from Pathankot took us back to Delhi - last stop of our trip. We didn't visit any touristic places this time whatsoever. It was too hot and we were looking for more authentic experience.  Right after stepping off the train you can enjoy all the high-end pleasures

Porters are real jackals in Delhi. We had some hard time explaining we will carry our luggage ourselves

Hilton is always cozy, especially when you are Diamond member

Third course of breakfast

Val is always eager to demonstrate his recently learnt yoga skills

For the first evening in Delhi we were kindly invited for dinner by our Couchsurfing friend. On our way we met this gentleman, who turned out to be former ambassador of India in North Korea

Dinner with Rishi was one of the best spiritual experiences in India

Concierge welcomes us back home

The plan of the next day's afternoon was MTV pool party, where we were invited by another outstanding member of Couchsurfing community

At the beginning everything was calm and decent

Shy girls and young men

Some tired ones as well

Teacher's new drink

A lot of food and barbecue

Hot chicks

And next thing you know - the party explodes

Helen (with a surf-board in the middle) couldn't resist the temptation 

Few photos of crazy fun - what real Delhi pool party is all about

Hey, DJ 

Lifebuoy IS important at the pool party

Since I don't smoke, I decided to grow a mustache - it is better for the health

New friends

The party was fun and turned out to be best farewell event for us in India


Seems like a perfect pool party you got here mate! Pardon my intrusion but you may want to consider having some little grommets next time around just to ensure safety, especially since party drinks are all over the place. Cheers!

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